What is Balance?

BALANCE-n. 2) a state of equilibrium in weight, value, etc. 3) bodily or mental stability 4) harmonious proportion of elements in a design, etc. 5) a weight, value, etc. that counteracts another

APLOMB-n. perpendicularity, level, self-possession, upright, firm on one’s feet, foursquare

Axis-n. 1 )a real or imaginary straight line on which an object rotates 2) a central line around which the parts of a thing, system, etc. are evenly arranged.

Yoga on High – Standing, Sitting, and Bending in Balance from Cline Cinematography on Vimeo.

Standing in balance

Balance as taught by Jean Couch of Balance Center in Palo Alto, CA, is an anthropologically informed practice to reduce or eliminate pain without medicine, surgery or the need for health insurance. It’s roots go back as early as 1959 when  a woman named Noelle Perez-Christiaens of Paris France began studying cultures around the world in such places as tribal Africa, village India, rural Portugal, Greece and Indonesia who live a pain free physical lifestyle. She observed how reliant these people were on their bodies for their livelihood and began her tenacious research to learn what was different in their everyday functioning compared to the average more industrialized Westerner. The posture she observed repeatedly in these cultures was defined by an elongated spine, toned muscles, natural strength and the ability to carry on the head with what looked like relative ease!   LEARN MORE >

Noelle’s teaching , known as Aplomb, is a culmination of her years of research, inquiry and personal exploration. By applying these lessons to your everyday activities you will experience a significant reduction or elimination of pain altogether while at the same time optimizing your appearance. LEARN MORE >

Standing out of balance