Relax your Body and Mind • Restore Function • Refine your Looks • Return to Life!

If you are longing for a better experience in your body, one that might include inhabiting it with more balance and ease, you are on your way!

Mary Sinclair
Photo: Michael Patrick Studio

Whatever circumstances have impeded your sense of physical well-being, please know I empathize. I value embodiment, which means I live in the practices that I offer you here.

Our bodies have an inherent inborn wisdom. We can learn to tune in, listen to and understand the language it speaks.

You may or may not know where or how to start, and it would be my pleasure to have a dialog with you about your concerns and goals. This would help me get a sense for how to customize our sessions to best meet your personal needs.

You may have tried many treatments or have had varying interventions to treat discomfort.

You may have been in a yoga or fitness class and felt worse afterwards, never quite sure if you understood the exercise or how to execute it.

You may be approaching a surgery or recovering post surgery and require more assistance or continual guidance after physical therapy.

You may even know you need something but aren’t sure what that is.

I create a space for you to come home to yourself and time for you to settle in and feel how your body is informing you about what it wants. Simple solutions are likely in store for you and support is only a conversation away.

Please contact me so we can begin our dialog!