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EMBODIYOGA™ offers an engaging exploration of the transformative and creative potential of yoga by opening ever deeper layers of consciousness in every cell, tissue and system of the body.

EMBODIYOGA™ recognizes that what we call “good alignment” is a cohesive collaboration between our body and our breath, our body and the earth and our body parts relating with one another.

EMBODIYOGA™ classes are structured and sequenced based on the inherent wisdom of our bodies from embryological origination to the developmental movement patterns that got us up off the ground.

This approach invites us to deeply engage with and inhabit all aspects of ourselves within a safe, compassionate and integrated rhythm. It honors the body and recognizes that we do not have to go to extremes to feel.

Classes are taught from the ground up because our relationship with the earth is our primary source of true stabilization and support. The movement in each session begins simply and gently grows into more complexity. This gives our bodies the chance to unwind residual tension and establish new pathways for more ease in yoga poses, meditation and our everyday movements off the yoga mat.

Learn with me

For more information on EMBODIYOGA™ please visit www.embodiyogalisaclark.com