Instinctive Meditation

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Instinctive Meditation recognizes that meditation is the most natural thing in the world and our bodies already know how to do it!

This approach is designed to help you discover your own best doorways into meditation by working with instead of against yourself.
This wisdom is built into us to help us recover from stressful states and heal from them. It is grounded in ancient yoga tradition and is backed up by the last 50 years of scientific research on the physiology of meditation.

Life and meditation both have varying rhythms in a spectrum that runs the gamut from relaxed ease to wild, trembly excitement.

The practice of Instinctive Meditation helps us learn to ride these rhythms in a way that prepares us to ride and thrive in the rhythms of life to create more balance, ease and enjoyment. When we begin to trust our own instincts for how to meditate, it becomes such a pleasure that we want to do it and even crave it!

The Benefits of Meditation

You may have heard of the numerous benefits of meditation from mental-emotional balancing and stress reduction to weight loss.

Perhaps you have tried meditation by taking a course in it and were able to establish a practice and then…quit.

The benefits of meditation are legitimate and attainable because the ability to meditate is built into us.

Meditation doesn’t come from outside of us by priests, gurus or teachers.

It is the ongoing practice of being in touch with yourself.

There are numerous techniques and no single technique is right for everyone.

By exploring different types of meditation using breath, movement, sound and listening we can begin to build a repertoire of nourishing inner practices that support us in showing up for ourselves and life!

You have actually meditated many times in your life already, probably without realizing it.

Our natural wisdom is coded into all our thoughts, feelings, and sensations of our experience.

Meditation time helps us grow the capacity to tend to what is happening in the moment, embody our own self in it and carry on with and for the fullness of Life!


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