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Zoom Classes

Classes are sold as a series.

    • 8 Week Series Embodied Pilates on Mondays:  $80 (1 hour)
    • 8 week Series Embodiyoga™ on Wednesdays : $80 (90 minutes)
    • 8 Week Series Embodied Pilates on Fridays $80 (1 hour)

Please note: A recording will be sent to you by email if you have to miss a class. Recordings are available for 7 days from the recorded date.

Embodied Pilates Zoom Classes

Embodied Pilates MONDAY Weekly Series – ongoing

Embodied Pilates FRIDAY Weekly Series – ongoing

In embodied Pilates we tone our “muscle” of awareness and by doing so we tune our whole body up to thrive throughout the day! Connecting into the ground strengthens and stabilizes us so we may build dynamic movement connections between all our body parts to increase our functionality. We use props like the foam roller, flex band and mini stability balls to help us move in diverse ways and in all dimensions for challenge, novelty and delight! Tune in and balance your overall bodily tone.

Embodiyoga™ Zoom Classes

Embodiyoga™ Wednesday Weekly Series – ongoing

EMBODIYOGA™ classes plunge into the delight of bonding with the earth to connect with yourself. Discover the wonder of feeling the action and essence of each asana ( yoga pose) rather than forcing posturing or posing your way into it. Classes are crafted to help you organize your body to remember it’s natural, inherent wisdom and movement intelligence.

See the zoom class schedule and contact Mary to sign up!

PRIVATE one on one ZOOM SESSIONS with Mary

    • ONE on ONE Private Zoom Sessions with Mary: $50/session, 3 for $135

Sometimes you want a little more attention while learning. Private zoom sessions are great if you sometimes struggle to follow in a group or if your schedule doesn’t permit you to fit into a regularly scheduled class time. You have my undivided attention in a private one on one to work on your particular inquiries. Schedule one or schedule multiple sessions for a price break. Make the investment in you!

Here are some examples of topics we can cover in these sessions:

Bonding with Gravity

Learning how our connection with the earth is our truest and most direct pathway to stabilization, support and balance.

Take a Tour of Your Body

A boney segment of your body from your central axis (head and vertebral column) to your limbs (hands, arms, shoulder blades, ribs) or your feet to your legs to your pelvis. These inquires dive into the relationships between these body parts and the ramifications when these parts aren’t relating well with one another.

Meditation for the Love of It!

Some of the best secrets are open secrets. Meditation may not be as difficult as you imagined. When you tune into what you love, you discover a direct gateway into the expansive aliveness meditation offers.

Postural Ease for Everyday Living

Is sitting your nemesis? Standing? Bending over or lifting something? This workshop can help you get a handle on how to move through your everyday functions with more ease, sensibility and flexibility.

Contact Mary for more information and to schedule.