I have been attending Mary’s Pilates and Yoga classes for 18 months and what a great experience it’s been! All the benefits are too numerous to mention but some of the things I’ve enjoyed and benefited from the most are learning to connect with the earth, alignment, patterning and relationships in the body. Some of the results of her teaching have been much improved posture, good balance, happy feet and muscles and joints not to mention good balance and more energy along with knowing how to relax.   She is extremely knowledgeable and caring about her students and always goes the extra mile to keep her classes interesting and informative.  The skeletons and anatomy books she uses for visuals are great.  She is truly the Yoga teacher I always wanted and never had.

 —Joan Lloyd

I have benefited from Mary’s “table time” approach to energy work since taking a workshop from her at Yoga On High as part of my yoga teacher certification process. As an MD with training in reiki, I appreciate Mary’s advanced training and knowledge as well as her professionalism. I have found her sessions to provide significant benefits to both my musculoskeletal system and mind and support advancement in my individual practices. Mary’s light touch and appreciation of subtle alignment shifts on energy flow make “table time” very effective. I have invited Mary to visit yoga classes I teach to offer my students the opportunity to experience the benefits of sophisticated energy use. Her visits and offerings are eagerly anticipated by my students.

—Lee Shackelford 

When I started Mary’s Balance Yoga class, Feb 2015, I came with sensory and pain issues from my low back due to spinal stenosis and the subsequent surgeries. I had been walking 4-8 miles every day since my first low back surgery in 2004 and this initially helped with pain control.  I had a 2nd back surgery in 2008 and instrumentation was placed for stabilization. I took low dosage oxycodone and gabapentin and continued to walk. The 2 surgeries caused me to have weakness in one leg and the bottoms of my feet had little feeling and I had daily sciatica pain as well.

Mary’s Balance Yoga class taught me how to sit, stand, bend over and walk in such a way that took tension off my spine and the result was less pain.  Once I had some success in this class I joined the Pilates class.  Through the repetition of balance yoga and the strengthening of my abdominal muscles through Pilates I gained more confidence in myself and could lead, for the most part, a life free of the sciatica pain.  After 3 years of dutifully attending Pilates and Yoga class 3 days a week, I was able to completely go off the oxycodone, as I was finally pain free!   Mary started adding a lot of “foot work” to her classes and now I have more feeling in the bottoms of my feet as a result.  It’s a slow process and takes dedication to do the foot work at home and in class, but worth it to obtain these results.

A few months ago I had a Total Knee Replacement. In the course of a year, due to increasing right knee pain, I began pronating my right foot. I was totally unaware this was happening and my foot, knee and hip quickly became misaligned.  Pronation became a habit.  After I had the total knee replacement and during my rehab a very astute physical therapist noted my pronation of the right foot and recommended shoes that helped with that problem.  After Physical therapy ended, I went back to Mary’s Balance Yoga class and she began helping me with exercises to help with pronation, as just wearing the shoes wasn’t training my body how to position my foot, knee and hip.  She continued on with the whole class doing foot alignment and educated us on how it’s so important for our spine, as there is a direct path to the spine from our feet, a relationship. This is something through repetition and following that little voice that is Mary to get this alignment correct so we can lead better and pain free lives.

At the present time I’m very determined to do the foot work as it’s helping SO MUCH with the pronation problem.  I can already see a difference which just encourages me to keep it up!  So far, I haven’t missed a day in 3 weeks of doing the foot work with the ball and lots of slide and glide, some days twice. The talus bone on my right foot is also loosening. I’m really feeling good about this and determined to keep it up. Walking doesn’t hurt my right ankle as much now with the proper alignment. I want to get this right!  I certainly don’t want to “groove” my new knee incorrectly and am so happy I found a solution to the misaligned road I was traveling down.

Wow Mary, you’ve helped me solve yet another problem I invoked on myself.  I’m so thankful to Mother Earth for your teaching practices! Really, it’s saved my active life.

—Sharon Newell

Mary’s classes have been life changing. I am more aware of how I approach everyday tasks like walking and climbing stairs. This new awareness of how the body best functions has had the result of less pain and made life more enjoyable. Mary has great rapport with seniors. She carefully watches and gently makes suggestions for better alignment. Our goals for better balance and a more confident life style continue to improve. I feel these are continuous goals. Her classes are unique. I recommend this class to improve your overall health and enjoy your new skills.

—Sandy Haynes
Balance chair yoga and Beginning Pilates matwork student

“I have attended Mary Sinclair’s yoga and Pilates classes for 3 years.  Her deep knowledge and understanding of the human body are an inspiration. She often refers to our classes as “true physical education.” Students become anatomy students, as much as yoga students! She has a gift for parsing out the details of movement and conveying those to her students with real clarity. She teaches us to be patient with ourselves and our growth. She fosters a sense of safe community, where all are welcome, all are honored.

Thanks to Mary’s thoughtful and insightful teaching, I have made, and continue to make, so many positive changes in the way I move and the way my body relates to the world around it.  I have gained so much confidence in my body’s ability to move!”

—Rosemary Sartor

“Before even knowing there were classes I could take to improve my posture, I had an interest in doing so. In  just six weeks (about nine class hours), of Mary’s class, I learned more than I expected and noticed immediate improvement. This, of course, depends on what you put into it but, even with your slightest effort, you should notice a difference as you find your body shifting into its natural alignment, and you begin experiencing what you’re meant to experience in this world: physical comfort! I find myself checking my posture nearly everywhere I happen to be. As an actor, I have more confidence on stage, as I find myself less concerned with ‘Am I standing straight?’. To put it simply – I’m glad I went.”

—Jason S

“I have lower back problems and was very discouraged by other exercises and treatments, which offered no relief or made my pain worse. Now I look forward to each Balance class and practice the techniques every day. I am in awe at how minor adjustments can give me some relief from my back and leg pain.”

—Stacy Buttari

“I thought I knew my body pretty well, but Mary has taught me a new level of awareness. The practice makes sense and works. I am taking long walks without hip pain and am seeing improvements in the daily tension headaches I get from sitting all day.”

—Kristina Emick

“Your workshop gave me permission to go for the meditative quality of this fine work. Thank you for embodying the grace and strength of this practice.”

—Reena Appell