Intentional Touch Massage

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I love touch! I love to experience the world through touch. Touch is not only an essential sense that helps us navigate the world and communicate; it is also one of the most potent healing modalities available.

Intentional touch helps to clarify the connections between our body parts that were established very early in life so we can reclaim the organization of our body that is our birthright.

Stress, fatigue and compensatory patterns can unwind from deeply nourishing touch to replenish the body’s natural vitality and wisdom so we may function optimally, efficiently and joyfully in life! My reincarnated form of massage is a synthesis of all of who I am and what I value. It is deeply potent and regenerative.

Each session is customized to you and your body’s yearnings because it truly knows what it needs. I provide the space, time, listening and intention to let your body’s inherent wisdom come forth for repair and restoration. There may be times you long to feel silky oil massaged into your bare skin. Other times you may prefer gentle kneading, holding or rocking movements while you are fully clothed. The invitation is open and every part of you is welcome on my table.

My hands-on bodywork is a synthesis of 25 years experience as a massage therapist, energy worker, EMBODIYOGA™ teacher and Instinctive Meditation practitioner and guide.


Intentional Touch Massage

    • 70 minute session: $85
    • 90 minute session : $125
    • House calls 70 minute session: $150.00*

*Please note: For my travel in excess of 20 miles the national mileage rate of $.56/mile applies

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