Prenatal yoga in balance

When a woman is pregnant it doesn’t take her long to discover that her body is undergoing some major re-construction. As hormones increase her bones, muscles, joints and ligaments become more lax to prepare for the birth of her child. The growing baby and uterus impose on the other organs creating all sorts of added discomforts as well from increased urination to heartburn to slowed digestion and increased respiration.

Out of balance.      ———-       In balance.
This woman is
21 weeks pregnant in both photos.

During pregnancy it’s more important than ever for the mom-to-be to begin developing  awareness about her posture. Most of the conventional guidelines for good posture are not adequate or even very useful.

Some of the benefits to healthy posture in pregnancy include:

  • Reduced or eliminated low back, hip, neck and shoulder pain
  • Feeling of spaciousness in the torso
  • Feeling of ease in breathing
  • Reduced likelihood of an occiput posterior baby (when the baby is facing sunny side up at birth which means a more painful delivery)
  • Better tone in the pelvic floor muscles
  • Improved comfort in sleeping
  • Optimized appearance


I offer lessons to the pregnant woman to help her find comfort and optimize her appearance while pregnant.  She can continue using these techniques after the baby arrives to help her feel more ease and look her best.

The essential moves every pregnant woman needs are already in her everyday life. When applying a new postural awareness to these essential movements she will greatly reduce pain, tone her pelvic floor and optimize her appearance.

The essential movements to create a more comfortable pregnancy are:

-Bending –Sitting  -Standing  -Walking  -Kneeling  -Sleeping  -Reaching

When you apply good mechanics to the movements above, yoga practice and exercise become more beneficial.

Privates or small group classes in your home or office;*

  • One-on-One private session $75/hour
  • Mini-series in your home or office (3 sessions, 3 person minimum)
  • 3 sessions=$165

*Travel fees subject to national mileage rate

**Gather 3 of your PG friends or co-workers and get all 3 sessions for FREE in the comfort of your own home