What Instinctive Meditation is, and what it isn’t

Instinctive Meditation Is…

The structured freedom to move, make sound, discover and invent your own way to meditate

An expansive state of being

Allowing, accepting and welcoming all aspects of yourself

Unlearning the habit of self shaming

Embracing the full and vast spectrum of human experience and beginning to savor it!

We are essentially learning to handle what happens when we relax and co- operate with our own healing instincts to find ways of being refreshed.
In this way we tend to the dynamic art of nurturing our future self.

Instinctive Meditation Is Not…

A rigid discipline of blocking thoughts, sitting still and straight or imposing someone else’s ideas or techniques on yourself

A state of concentration

Denying any parts of yourself or shaming yourself

Pushing away any thoughts, feelings or sensations