“Before even knowing there were classes I could take to improve my posture, I had an interest in doing so. In  just six weeks (about nine class hours), of Mary’s class, I learned more than I expected and noticed immediate improvement. This, of course, depends on what you put into it but, even with your slightest effort, you should notice a difference as you find your body shifting into its natural alignment, and you begin experiencing what you’re meant to experience in this world: physical comfort! I find myself checking my posture nearly everywhere I happen to be. As an actor, I have more confidence on stage, as I find myself less concerned with ‘Am I standing straight?’. To put it simply – I’m glad I went.”

—Jason S

“I have lower back problems and was very discouraged by other exercises and treatments, which offered no relief or made my pain worse. Now I look forward to each Balance class and practice the techniques every day. I am in awe at how minor adjustments can give me some relief from my back and leg pain.”

—Stacy Buttari

“I thought I knew my body pretty well, but Mary has taught me a new level of awareness. The practice makes sense and works. I am taking long walks without hip pain and am seeing improvements in the daily tension headaches I get from sitting all day.”

—Kristina Emick

“Your workshop gave me permission to go for the meditative quality of this fine work. Thank you for embodying the grace and strength of this practice.”

—Reena Appell