Instruction, workshops and classes

This older Balinese womancarries a banquet on her head while maintaining upright Balanced posture.

2-hour Introductory Slide Show $150

The introductory slide show is a power point presentation and highly recommended prerequisite for beginning students. It teaches you how to begin to see the characteristics of healthy, natural posture (Balance) vs. misaligned, imbalanced posture. The intro class also has an practical component so you can begin to experience what natural , healthy posture feels like while sitting. Many people report that this class alone “changed their life for the better!”

Private Lessons

Helping a student find and bend from the hip joint.

Sometimes having a teacher all to your self is an ideal way to learn and absorb information. A private makes the lesson all about you and your particular interests and questions.

Your location My location
Single lesson for 1 person $70 per hour * $50 per hour
3 lessons for 1 person $ 178.50  – ($59.50 per class*)
15% discount
$127.50  – ($42.50 per class)
15% discount
Single lesson for you and a friend $119 per hour* – ($59.50 per student)
15% discount
$ 85 per hour – ($42.50 per student)
15% discount
3 lessons for you and a friend $255 ($85 per hour)* (each class costs 42.5 per student)
40% discount from the single person rate
$216.75 ($72.25 per hour) – (each class costs $36.13 per student)
38% discount from the single person rate
*mileage rates apply if round trip travel excedes 40 miles

Workshops (6 to 12 people)

“Helping a student align her spine while sitting.

A workshop is an excellent way to get an intensive shot of the practice. Each workshop has a theme and is intended to focus on specific areas of the practice. Power point presentations help train you to see Balance and reinforce the new postural habits you are developing.

How to Sit Everywhere: Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Events

Bending Without Pain: Stretching and Strengthening in Everyday Activities

Relax and Rejuvenate: How to Lie Down Restfully

Peaceful posture for meditation

Find the Line and Walk on It

Yoga on the Axis

And more!

3-hour Workshop (one topic focus) $45/person

6-hour Workshop (two topic focus) $85/person

10-hour Workshop (three or four topic focus) $145/person

Classes (6 to 12 people per group)

Helping a student align spine and shoulders for back lying.

Each class includes anatomy, directed experiential practice, hands on guidance and power point presentations of Balanced vs. Out of Balance alignment to inspire and reinforce practice. This is one of the most powerful learning tools in the curriculum. Suggestions for how to implement Balance into your everyday life will also be made.


  1.  10 hour class series – $150/person
  2.  Ongoing class cycle- $50 per class

Flexible scheduling options to accommodate large groups